Pet Waste Removal Rates


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Twice a Week



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Call us at 1-866-797-TURD 

 Weekly price is based on a 52-week period

  • Please keep the area we are servicing accessible
  • Lawns should be regularly maintained,  we want to turdminate the right way
  • Our turd specialists are dog-friendly, if your pets aren't people friendly, please keep them inside.
  • Service charges will apply if we cannot get into service an area, due to locked gates, severe ice, or aggressive dogs with no one to let them inside. (we will ring doorbell to request entrance first)
  • Turdminating in the year round is necessary. However we may be forced to reschedule for severe weather conditions including, heavy rainfall/flooding, severe cold and accumulation of more than 2" of heavy snowfall on or right before your service day. In these instances our scheduling department will reach out to you and makeup service will take place the following week 
  • Three-day notice is required for service suspension, cancellation or vacation1/2
  • Service areas larger 1/2 acre may be subject to additional fees upon evaluation.


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